Integrated Eligibility System Introduction

The Department of Human Services

Rhode Island's eligibility system to better serve you!

  • Seamless integration of health care, SNAP, cash assistance, and child care benefits
  • Faster approval process
  • Secure, online access to account information anytime, day or night
  • Ability to apply for, renew and review benefits from a home computer
  • Online reporting of any changes in household, income, address and assets
  • Convenience of uploading verification documents, rather than mailing them
  • Less time waiting in line for a caseworker
  • More time for yourself and your family

The eligibility system is linked to the existing HealthSource RI system and includes screens that look very similar to the ones you are already used to using. There are many advantages to this system. In addition to accessing health insurance coverage, the system is also used to determine your eligibility for human service programs including SNAP, GPA, Child Care, RIW, and LTSS. Your information for all of these programs are stored in one place, making it much more convenient for you to apply for benefits and manage your account.

Eligibility System Timeline

  • October 2013 - HealthSourceRI launched
  • January 2014 - Customers began applying for human service benefits online
  • September 13, 2016 - A single online system now integrates all human service programs, enhancing customer access and improving customer service

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

  • DHS office receptionists can now scan customers' documents at check-in and return them immediately
  • Customers are able to upload verification documents from their own electronic devices
  • All scanned documents are stored electronically and made available immediately to DHS workers

We have completed six (6) statewide informational meetings and demos of the new integrated eligibility system. Community Meetings