Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge

The Race to the Top Rhode Island Early Learning Challenge Grant initative is now called Exceed. It publicly conveys the State's commitment to designing and implementing an integrated system of high-quality early learning programs and services that improve the futures of young children. The power in the name Exceed is that in one word, it conveys the goal that all statewide partners have for children in Rhode Island. Exceed supports Rhode Island children in achieving new heights in their learning and personal growth. The partners are committed to helping all children to Exceed.

The Department of Human Services is one of the partnering agencies supporting the Grant through the implementation of the following activities:

- Working with partner agencies to align all of the State's program standards to create a unified definition of quality and a common quality improvement pathway

- Building the capacity of BrightStars to measure and monitor the quality of all early learning and developmental programs

- Validating the effectiveness of BrightStars system on improving child outcomes

- Collecting and publicly reporting aggregated data on the early chilhood workforce

- Working with partner agencies to define the essential skills and knowledge that early childhood professionals need to know, understand, and be able to put into practice

- Increasing the availability and accessibility of high quality professional development opportunities

- Expanding access to higher education to support professional improvement of those working in the field of early childhood development

- Creating a package of financial incentives and technical assistance opportunities to help programs achieve and maintain quality

- Working with partner agencies to develop a statewide early childhood data system that has the ability to track information specific to programs, professionals in the workforce, and children

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