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To Verify Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits Not Received

Let DHS know right away by filling out the SNAP Delay Form (instructions and locations for pick up and drop off are included on the SNAP Delay Notice).

Have your SNAP benefits been delayed?

SNAP Delay Form

Helpful Tips / Things to Remember when Applying

Application process for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - instructions and verification required documents:

    1. Complete an application.

    • You can apply online (, through the mail, or at any DHS office. You can submit an application with just your name, address and signature to protect your filing date.

    2. Provide documents to verify your eligibility.

    • Some examples of required documentation are:
      • Proof of income for everyone in the household (everyone who eats and prepares food together), as well as housing, utility, child and adult day care costs, and medical bills (if elderly or disabled).
      • Proof of identity of the head of household and/or authorized representative, such as your driver’s license, state ID, or other document to prove your identity.

    3. Interview with a DHS worker, by phone or in person.

    • An appointment date and time will be mailed to you if you apply online or in person.
    • If you qualify for expedited service, you will receive benefits within seven days if eligible. If you do not qualify for expedited service, you will receive benefits within thirty days if eligible.

    Reminders to Submit Necessary Forms:

    • INTERIM REPORTS: Simplified reporting households will receive an Interim Report form in the mail in the 5th month of certification. Households must complete the form in its entirety and mail the form along with the required verification documents back to the agency by the 6th day of the 6th month of certification. *Failure to return the Interim Report Form will result in closure of SNAP benefits.*
    • RECERTIFICATION FORMS: Households will receive a RECERTIFICATION form in the 11th month of the certification period or the 23rd month of the certification period for households with all elderly or disabled members. The household must complete and submit this form by its due date, participate in an interview and provide required documents to verify its situation in order to continue to receive benefits beyond the end of the certification period.

    *For help when filling out DHS-2 application form or the recertification form, you may contact DHS or the URI SNAP Outreach Project at 1-866-306-0270.


    1. The Recertification Form with instructions (SNAP-2) is available in English, Español, and    Português.

    • WHY file a recertification? If you are a household receiving SNAP benefits, they will not continue past the end of the certification period, unless you submit a recertification/renewal form.
    • If you submit a recertification form after your certification period has expired, the form will be considered an initial application and benefits. Benefits will be effective as of the date that the form was received by DHS.

    2. Click to open the Interim Form with instructions (SNAP-2M) available in English,Español, and    Português.

    • WHY file an interim report? Households must submit an interim report form in order to continue to receive benefits. The interim report form is used to report any changes in your household’s situation. Failure to return the Interim Report Form will result in closure of SNAP benefits.

    Interim Report Verification Requirements

    The household must provide the following information on the interim report form:

    • Changes of more than fifty dollars ($50) in unearned income (you do not have to report changes to you RIW or GPA grant);
    • Changes in the source of income, including starting or stopping a job;
    • Changes in the wage rate, salary, or full-time or part-time employment status;
    • Changes in household composition;
    • Changes in residence and resulting changes in shelter costs;
    • Changes in court-ordered child support payments

    All SNAP households are subject to Interim reporting requirements, with the exception of the following households:

    • Households with no earnings and in which all members are elderly or disabled;
    • Households which include migrant and seasonal farmworkers

    Elderly Disabled Mid-Certification

    • For households with all elderly and/or disabled members, the agency will send the household a Mid-Certification Reminder Letter on or about the 15th day of the twelfth month of its certification period.
    • The letter reminds the household of its responsibility to report any changes within ten (10) days.

For additional help regarding nutrition and meals, refer to the

URI SNAP-ED Nutrition Education site.