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The 2nd Edition of the DHS Office of Child Care Newsletter is Here!

CRANSTON – The state Department of Human Services (DHS) released the second Child Care newsletter to parents and families who use our services. The second volume, released in August, serves to inform parents and providers to make the best choices regarding the care of RI children.
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It has been more than three months since Caitlin Molina joined DHS as the Assistant Director of Child Care, and she has proven to be instrumental in positive changes for the DHS CCAP program. Latest efforts from Caitlin and her team at DHS include improvements to the provider portal, a new State Plan, a Market Rate Survey, and a Workforce Development Design Session which combined both DHS employees as well as child care providers. The second edition of the Child Care newsletter dives deeper into detail on the CCAP State Plan and the Market Rate Survey, which both help to determine priorities in the future and guide the work DHS aims to accomplish.

The newsletter also highlights the dedication of two special teachers, Catalina Torres and Maria Hernandez-Monti. Their tireless passion for teaching young children at the Genesis Center positively impact all of their students, of which over 95% are on DHS CCAP vouchers.

“Their dedication to the children and families, Genesis Center and their own professional growth is admirable and inspiring to those around them.” – Catherine Green, child care administrator for Genesis.

To learn more about the content mentioned here as well as RI Bridges recent improvements, the reconciliation report, and some back to school tips, please read the second edition of the Child Care newsletter below:

First Child Care Newsletter has Arrived!

CRANSTON – The state Department of Human Services released in October its first Child Care newsletter to providers and families who use our services. The quarterly publication, Starting RIght, aims to inform and help parents and providers make the best choices for our future leaders.
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“One of the most important decisions a family will make is choosing someone to care for their child,” DHS Family and Children’s Services Administrator Karen Beese said. “Thousands of children across the State spend a significant part of their day in child care settings. Families want safe, healthy, and caring places to care for their children while they work.”

This first edition starts with information about our Starting RIght Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which assists in subsidizing the cost of child care for almost 10,000 children each year. It then recaps a yummy time with   Governor Gina Raimondo and other state leaders at a Woonsocket child care center promoting the need for quality learning and more foster families.

There are also sections on a recent law change to further help families in need; September improvements made to the RI Bridges system that helps our staff administer benefits; DHS’ deployment of eligibility technicians in the community; and an update on our reconciliation efforts with child care providers.

It ends with reading tips for parents, and news about Governor Raimondo’s third grade reading goal.

To read the newsletter in English or Spanish, open the links below: