GPA - Covered Benefits

Bridge Fund

Many individuals that apply for federal SSI benefits have to wait three to four months before their application is approved. SSI Applicants may be eligible to receive cash payments of up to $200 per month through the GPA “Bridge” program while their application is pending. Once the SSI application is approved, the applicant will receive a retroactive payment from the Social Security Administration, starting from the date of the application. When that happens, the total amount of bridge payments is refunded to the state from the retroactive SSI payment, and the payment to the recipient is reduced accordingly.

Hardship Program

Each year’s budget sets aside a portion of the overall GPA funding to be used as a “hardship contingency fund” under the sole discretion of the director of the Department of Human Services. GPA hardship payments are intended to be the benefit of last resort for Rhode Islanders who do not qualify for Rhode Island Works or SSI. Those determined to be eligible for hardship funds may receive up to $100 per month ($50 bi-weekly).

Funeral/burial payment assistance

The GPA program also funds funeral and burial services for GPA recipients and indigent individuals. The cost of burial services is limited to $900, and is reduced based on the income and resources of the deceased and any legally liable relatives.

    For more information:

      To apply for GPA Covered Benefits, please contact your local DHS office.

        For general questions, please call the DHS Info Line at 1-855-MY-RIDHS (1-855-697-4347).