HEAP Program Information

What is HEAP?

    The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps income eligible families pay their heating bills.

    HEAP is a grant. You are not required to repay it.

      To receive help...

      - You don't have to be on public assistance

      - You don't need to have an unpaid heating bill

      - You can either rent or own your home

      - You apply at your local Community Action Agency

      - You need to meet current income guidelines

      How does HEAP work?

        Primary Grants

        Primary grants help families pay their heating bills. The grant payment is sent directly to your utility company or fuel provider, and it will be credited on your bill.

        Crisis Component

        Beginning with the opening of the program, money may be available if you have an emergency situation and are in jeopardy of losing your heat. Emergency situations include:

        - 1/4 or lower amount of fuel in tank

        - Termination of utility service (Gas and/or Electric)

        Who is eligible?

          - Households must meet 60% of Rhode Island's Median Income Levels which are set each program year.

            Remember, all HEAP grants are processed based on funding availability.